WNY People’s Beverage Choice Awards Q1 2013 part 2

WNY People’s Beverage Choice Awards These results are driven off of what YOU have bought in stores all over WNY through March 2013! And our second round of winners are….. Your #1 Purified Water: Dasani Water up 7% Your #1 Enhanced Water: vitaminwater Your #1 Isotonic/Sports Drink: Powerade – Mountain Blast […]

Crystal Beach Sparkling Loganberry

A “Berried Treasure” Revealed Crystal Beach Sparkling Loganberry! Just like the original 1880’s discovery of the Loganberry, a cross between a red raspberry and blackberry, another “berried treasure” has been uncovered by Crystal Beach – Sparkling Loganberry. It’s a refreshing change of pace, made with pure cane sugar and enriched […]